Welcome to the Jeep Warhawk photo gallery. Heres a list of equipment for you "Jeep Freaks" out there:

1991 Jeep XJ, 4.0L, 4x4. Rustys 9" long arm lift on BFG 35's. 4:56 gears front and rear with clutch lockers and slip yoke eliminator. Nates 4x4 off road front winch bumper and rear bumper/tire carrier with jerry can holders. Olympic roof rack.

Now for the good stuff!! (2) 50 cal machine guns, 1 hood mounted and the other of roof rack gun turret. (1) flame thrower, napalm tank and hydrazine gas supply. (1) Atomic Radiation Detector System. Engine oil cooler and after cooler. Front mounted (port and starboard) engine exhaust ports.

You might have noticed my tail gunner, "Col Jack O'Neill." He's sitting behind a Mark-19, 40mm grenade launcher. Col Jack rides along behind me in a 1968 Stevens military jeep trailer.

You might have noticed the Military OD Green paint scheme. Its actually a WWII OD Green that the US military used back in 1940-1942 for all military aircraft. I used the Iconic Flying Tigers theme which they flew the P-40 Warhawk. I used the tail number (P-8127) and squadron number (47) from a ACE pilot, " Robert T. Smith." All seemed to go with the Zombie killing machine!!