No zombies were killed in the making of this video, they were already dead!

About Me


In the beginning

The "spark" for Zombie Brigade started with the first episode of The Walking Dead! Life and Death began with the Zombie Apocalypse.  With my background in professional photography, I started "Zombie Me" art, where customers send me their best Zombie pose and where I turn them into a flesh eating work of art. Then we started adding a few products, customizing Jeep Warhawk into a Zombie eating machine for the apocalypse, doing shows, haunts and Zombie themed parties.

Moving forward

In addition to adding new products, We have been contracted by the government, from the Office of Civil Defense, helping the people of Northeast Florida prepare for the Apocalypse by detecting radiation hot spots and air borne particles and other contaminates for early detection of the coming doom. Also we help with the local and state fallout shelters.


Menu / Price List

Contact us

Are you planning a special event? Are you looking for Zombies for your show? Send me a message about your plans, and I will get back to you soon!

Zombie Brigade

Email: louie@zombiebrigade.com